Public Engagement Competition

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2014 Winners

Meet the winners of last year’s competition and watch their winning videos.

1st Prize Full-Tuition Scholarship

Naxielly Sofia Dominguez (USA)

I have always felt a passion for cooking since I can remember. The act of cooking nutritious foods has become a way to express my life’s mission. Food has become a medium to develop a connection with people of all cultures, languages and philosophies. It brings people together in a most intimate way by transcending barriers and reaching across borders.

All these experiences reinforce my desire for more knowledge about the importance of food systems and food culture. Wining The New School for Public Engagement competition gives me the opportunity to continue my education by enrolling in the Food Studies program.

The program will provide me with the essential tools to help our local communities understand the principles of contemporary food issues behind farm to table meals, fair trade and to use food as a way to improve health. My commitment is to be an advocate for our planet and make it more sustainable and sovereign for all people.

2nd Prize Half-Tuition Scholarship

Gregory Beson (USA)

I am a woodworker, musician, artist, poet and aspiring designer hailing from the shores of New England. Thoughtfulness, patience and grace help me navigate, explore and create.I believe the trajectory of my own life has limitless possibilities. One must choose a path and walk down it with openness and courage. Follow that light and keep on walking.My path has been unique thus far. My academic and professional paths have been winding and varied. While accomplishing much in my own way and style, I still longed for more; more discovery, more knowledge to absorb.

This is what led me to The New School’s Bachelor’s Program. To simultaneously explore multiple disciplines, hone creative skills and ultimately take my career to the next level. With this scholarship I am able to dive in completely. Immerse myself in my studies and propel my career quickly and seamlessly into it's next exciting phase. I am able to complete goals without the usual monetary constraints, facilitating creative exploration and leading to a more balanced life.